Curriculum and Programs

NativityMiguel School Network

Each year, the NativityMiguel Network of Schools (NMNS) provides board members, teachers, and administrators from over 60 schools within the network the opportunity to participate in their multiple-day annual conference. NMNS's support, however, extends far beyond. As a member school within the network, we participate in the annual survey of NativityMiguel schools, administered by Mission Measurement and designed to provide comparative data for measuring the overall effectiveness of our school within NMNS's Nine Mission Standards. In addition, NMNS provides a data bank of foundation grants to all school within the network, and NMNS itself generously provides direct subsidies and grants to a number of network schools.

Above all, perhaps, the most valued resource available to the network schools is the collegial support provided by and to the board members, teachers, and administrators within the NMNS professional community.

Our current Principal serves on the NMNS Principals' Council, a group comprised of 15 school principals committed to helping all NM schools achieve excellence in student learning, and our current Director of Graduate Support serves on the NMNS advisory committee for best practices in supporting NMNS alumni.

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