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Computers-in-the-Home (CIH) is a local, private charity that provides installation and ongoing maintenance of donated computers for our students at their homes, on an as-needed basis and without charge. Since 2002, CIH has installed over 60 desktops and printers in the homes of our currently enrolled students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and for our alumni in high school and college as well. CIH also generously provides pro bono installation, maintenance, and service for the printers, copiers, computers and all accompanying network and server capability on our school campus.

CIH relies on generous individual and corporate donations to collect, recycle, and install printers and laptop and desktop computers in good condition and to thus provide students and their families with the basic tools they need to complete assignments at home and to access and use the internet.

  • Computers-in-the-Home allows our students and families to connect to the world of learning at home.
  • Many of our graduates, too, have benefited from the generous support of Computers-in-the-Home.
  • Our on-campus computer needs are generously donated each year through Computers-in-the-Home.
  • Since 2002, Computers-in-the-Home has installed over 60 computers in the homes of our students and families.