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Nativity Prep Students Visit “City at Sea”

The USS Midway, one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers, is referred to as a “floating city at sea” and has an incredible collection of over 60 museums and 29 restored aircraft.

teachingWith the generous help of a Nativity Prep benefactor and trustee, all of our middle school students had the unique opportunity of spending a night on the USS Midway this month. “It was really interesting to hear about the ship’s history…about how it helped protect our country and other countries for almost 50 years,” said Grace O, a Nativity Prep seventh grader.

Students were treated to a full tour of the ship and then spent the night, scheduling time in the early evening for prayer and quiet reflection. Bible verses were read and meditated upon and students were able absorb the magnitude of self-sacrifice that comes with the price of  freedom. Nativity Prep seventh-grade student, Miriam C., said it best: “The overnight stay on the USS Midway definitely taught me that freedom is definitely not free.”



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