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High School Students Take College Road Trip


Nativity Prep’s relationship starts with our students in middle school but continues after graduation. One of the many benefits our Graduate Support team offers our alumni is college visits throughout Southern California.  In some cases, this represents the first time our students step foot on a college campus.  This summer our staff organized a trip for our graduates in high school to visit UCLA, LMU and UC Santa Barbara.  The students toured classrooms, dining halls, dorm rooms, athletic facilities and more.

“They fell in love with campuses they hadn’t even heard of a few years ago,” said Ms. Alvarez, who runs the High School Support Program within our Graduate Support Department. “It was a great opportunity to see the variety of campus experiences out there before they decide which colleges they want to apply to.”

Ms. Alvarez also shared, “After our visits, some students changed their mind about what type of college they want to attend.  And for others, it confirmed their existing dream.”

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