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Bishop’s, Parker, Cathedral, OLP among HS Acceptances for Fall ’16

Eighth grade at Nativity Prep marks the beginning of a transition for students in their eleven-year journey to college as an NPA student. Under the guidance of Mr. Bill Sullivan, Director of Admissions and High School Placement, eighth graders at NPA embark on the high school placement process. “The goal is always to help students and families make informed decisions about schools, and make choices based on where they can be most successful academically, not based on what’s popular or the ‘big name’ school,” says Sullivan. “Throughout the process students visit high schools, conduct online research, and listen to presentations about the various high school options in San Diego,” he adds. From there, students and families make decisions about which schools to apply to, and lastly, submit their applications. “The process is stressful at first, but with NPA’s help, it’s a lot easier,” says 8th grader Vanessa D. Other students agree that the process is stressful, but 8th grader Grace O. adds that “the hard work pays off when you get that acceptance letter in the mail.”


Just a few of NPA’s 8th grade high school acceptances: Alejandro V. (Francis Parker School), Kevin M. (Mater Dei Catholic), Ignacio L. (The Bishop’s School), Evelyn L. (Cathedral Catholic), Rebecca G. (Our Lady of Peace)

In all, each of our 20 eighth graders submitted applications to more than a dozen schools. While not all students have received notification from the schools to which they applied, acceptances have already come in from The Academy of Our Lady of Peace, The Bishop’s School, Cathedral Catholic, Francis Parker, and Mater Dei Catholic. The highs and lows students feel throughout the process can be put into perspective with the words from 8th grader Leon O., “I know I don’t have to worry about what high school I go to because I know Nativity Prep always has my back.”
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