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6th graders learn about weather forecasting

Our sixth-grade meteorologists at the NOAA Center in Poway, California

Our sixth-grade scholars recently took a day trip to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Poway, California, as part of their study of Earth Science, the science curriculum for sixth grade at Nativity Prep. “They use a lot of expensive instruments to predict the weather,” commented one of our sixth graders, “like the cup anenometer, satellites, computers, and hot air balloons.” At NOAA, students spent the better part of the day in the weather-forecasting office, learning firsthand how meteorologists make predictions about the weather day to day and over the course of weeks and months. “We talked about the tsunami in Japan in 2011,” said another sixth grader, “and how hard it is to prepare for something like that…and we also learned that San Diego is a desert, and that we need a lot more rain in San Diego and in California to help end the drought, even though we’ve had a lot of it recently.”

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