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Become a Mentor or Tutor

We are active throughout the year in the ongoing recruitment of mentors and tutors to work directly with our students. We want to surround our students with successful and caring role models that can guide them through the transformation they will be experiencing with us.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, please read more about our AMIGOS Mentoring Program, or contact our Director of Mentoring, Maria Power, directly by phone at 619-544-9455 x229, or by
e-mail at

To learn more about becoming an academic tutor for our students, please contact our Principal, Elijah Bonde, by phone at 619-544-9455 x234, or by e-mail at

  • A.M.I.G.O.S. mentors support the emotional and social well-being of our students.
  • Tutors help support academic success for all students.
  • A.M.I.G.O.S. mentors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and serve as role models for our students.
  • Mentors commit to a minimum of an hour a week on campus to meet with students.