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Administration & Faculty

Our extended-day and extended-year schedules require our teachers and staff to make real sacrifices with regard to salary and lifestyle. We are fortunate each year to have a highly talented group of educators who are deeply committed to our students and families.

All ten members of our full-time teaching faculty have earned a minimum of a bachelor's degree, from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities, and seven of ten have either earned or are currently pursuing their graduate degrees.

All teaching faculty administer a specific program or department as part of their day-to-day responsibilities as well. Eight of ten of our full-time faculty also serve as coaches for our interscholastic athletic teams in three seasons each year.

For more information on teaching positions for the 2011-2012 academic year, please contact Mr. Brendan Sullivan, Principal, at 619-544-9455, x222, or by e-mail at bsullivan@nativityprep.org.


  • Mrs. Xochitl Alvarez_400_600
    Mrs. Xochitl Alvarez  x 244
    6th Language Arts
    Director of Graduate Support

    B.A., University of California San Diego
    M.A., Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
    Multiple-subject Credential, University of San Diego
  • Mr. Elijah Bonde_400_600
    Mr. Elijah Bonde  x 234
    6th Earth Science, 8th Physical Science, Coach
    Science Coordinator
    Director of Summer Semester

    B.A., University of San Diego
    Single-subject Credential, English, University of San Diego
    Single-subject Credential, Science, University of San Diego
  • Mrs. Julie Bishop_400_600
    Mrs. Julie Bishop  x 221
    Volunteer Coordinator (Ignatian Volunteer)
    B.A., Santa Clara University
    Multiple-subject Credential, National University
  • Mrs. Del Centanni_400_600
    Mrs. Del Centanni  x 227
    Director of Fundraising
    B.S., George Mason College
    M.S., Kinesiology, George Mason College
  • Mr. Louie Centanni_400_600
    Mr. Louie Centanni  x 235
    8th Language Arts, 7th Physical Education, Coach
    Dean of Students

    B.A., Trinity University
    M.F.A. (candidate), Creative Writing, San Diego State University
  • Ms. Maria Centanni_400_600
    Ms. Maria Centanni  x 232
    7th Language Arts, 8th World Religions, Coach
    Director of School Ministry

    B.A., Loyola University Chicago
    M.A. (candidate), Linguistics, San Diego State University
  • Mrs. Mary Cordeiro_400_600
    Mrs. Mary Cordeiro   x 229
    Title I Reading Specialist
    B.A., National University
    M.A., Teaching, Chapman University
    Reading Specialist Certification, Chapman University
  • Deacon Mike Daniels_400_600
    Deacon Mike Daniels
    B.A., Seattle University
    M.B.A., University of Southern California
  • Mrs. Jill DeDolph_400_600
    Mrs. Jill DeDolph  x 243
    6th Old Testament
    Director of A.M.I.G.O.S. Mentoring Program

    B.A., University of Notre Dame
    M.A., Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
  • Ms. Kelly Determan_400_600
    Ms. Kelly Determan  x 237
    6th Ancient History, 6th & 7th Art, Coach
    Director of Athletics
    Assistant Director of Admissions

    B.A., Providence College
    M.A. (candidate), English, San Diego State
    Single-subject Credential, Secondary English, Providence College
  • Rev. Gilert Gentile, S.J._400_600
    Fr. Gilbert J. Gentile, S.J.
    School Chaplain

    B.A., Fordham University
    M.Div., Weston School of Theology
    M.S.W., San Diego State
    L.C.S.W., State of California

  • Mr. Edwin Howell_400_600
    Mr. Edwin Howell x 236
    7th Life Science, 6th & 8th Physical Education, Coach
    Director of Student Meals

    B.S., Stanford University
  • Mrs. Diana Junge_400_600
    Mrs. Diana Junge x 228
    Business Manager
    A.A., Grossmont College
  • Mr. Jerry Kay_400_600
    Mr. Jerry Kay
    Information Technology Coordinator (Volunteer)
    Medford High School (MN)
  • Mrs. Karen Lon_400_600
    Mrs. Karen Lon x 245
    Librarian (Volunteer)
    B.A., Geneva College
    M.L.A., University of Pittsburgh
    Single-subject Credential, Secondary English, Geneva College
  • Mr. David Rivera_400_600
    Mr. David Rivera
    Nativity Prep Founder
    B.A., University of San Diego
    J.D., University of Notre Dame
  • Mr. Arturo Solis_400_600
    Mr. Arturo Solis  x 233
    6th Mathematics, 7th Pre-Algebra I, 8th Pre-Algebra II, Coach
    Director of Admissions

    B.S., University of California San Diego
    Single-subject Credential (candidate), Social Science, San Diego State University
  • Ms. Tracy Stout_400_600
    Ms. Tracy Stout  x 226
    Marketing Coordinator
    B.A., Cal State San Bernardino
    Single-subject Credential, Secondary English, Cal State San Bernardino
  • Mr. Brendan Sullivan_400_600
    Mr. Brendan Sullivan  x 222
    8th Art

    B.A., Boston College
    M.Ed., Loyola College
    M.A., English, Middlebury College
  • Mr. Bill Sullivan_400_600
    Mr. Bill Sullivan  x 230
    7th World History, 8th US History, Coach
    Director of High School Placement

    B.A., University of Notre Dame
    M.A., Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico
    Single-subject Credential, Social Science, University of San Diego

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