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High Schools Attending

To date, 99% of our graduates have earned their high school diploma, and more than 85% have matriculated to a two- or four-year college or university.

The 11-year commitment to our students continues long after eighth-grade graduation in June. Through our Graduate Support Program, we help our students every step along the way to college. Our work day in and day out at the middle school level is geared toward preparing our students for the next step on the journey to college and a professional career—their matriculation to high school.

Below is a list of the high schools our upcoming middle school graduates will attend:

  • Our work day in and day out is to prepare our students for matriculation to high school, the next step on their journey to college.
  • Eighth-grade commencement signals the start of an ongoing relationship with our alumni.
  • Our High School Placement program director works with each student and each family to help discern best choices for high school admissions.
  • Our students are determined to become first-generation college students.