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Faculty & Administration

Our extended-day and extended-year schedules require our teachers and staff to make real sacrifices with regard to salary and lifestyle. We are fortunate each year to have a highly talented group of educators who are deeply committed to our students and families.

All ten members of our full-time teaching faculty have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a variety of U.S. colleges and universities and seven of ten have earned their graduate degrees.

All teaching faculty administer a specific program or department as part of their day-to-day responsibilities as well. Seven of ten of our faculty also serve as coaches for our interscholastic athletic teams in three seasons each year.

For more information on teaching positions for the 2015-2016 academic year, please contact Mr. Elijah Bonde, Principal, at 619-544-9455, x234, or by e-mail at


  • Mrs. Josie Alvarez x 249

    Associate Director of Graduate Support

    BA., Anthropology, Pitzer College

  • Mrs. Xochitl Alvarez x 244

    Director of Graduate Support
    B.A., University of California San Diego
    M.A., Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
    Multiple-subject Credential, University of San Diego

  • Mr. Mark Barry x 243

    Teacher, Director of Student Meals, Coach
    B.S. Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Bryant University
    M.S. Education Secondary Ed.,  St. Joseph’s University
    Single Subject Credential Math, St. Joseph’s University

  • Mr. Elijah Bonde, x 234

    8th grade Art, Coach
    B.A., Philosophy, University of San Diego
    Single-subject Credential, English, University of San Diego
    Single-subject Credential, Science, University of San Diego
    M.A. (candidate), Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

  • Mrs. Kelly Bonde x 237

    6th History, 6th Language Arts, Coach
    Director of Academic Support
    B.A., English, Providence College
    M.A., English, San Diego State University
    Single-subject Credential, Secondary English, Providence College

  • Mrs. Julie Bishop x 221

    Volunteer Coordinator (Ignatian Volunteer)
    B.A., Santa Clara University
    Multiple-subject Credential, National University

  • Ms. Maria Centanni x 232

    7th & 8th Language Arts,  Coach
    Director of Amigos Mentoring Program
    B.A., English, Loyola University Chicago
    M.A., Linguistics, San Diego State University
    M.Ed., Teaching, University of Southern California

  • Mrs. Mary Cordeiro x 229

    Title I Reading Specialist
    B.A., National University
    M.A., Teaching, Chapman University
    Reading Specialist Certification, Chapman University

  • Mrs. Lauren Garcia, x 239

    6th P.E., 7th Social Studies, 8th Religion
    Assistant Director of Academic Support
    B.A., University of California, Riverside
    M.Ed., Special Education, University of San Diego
    Multiple-subject Credential, University of San Diego

  • Mrs. Diana Junge x 228

    Business Manager
    A.A., Grossmont College

  • Mr. Jerry Kay

    Information Technology Coordinator (Volunteer)
    Medford High School (MN)

  • Mrs. Karen Lon x 245

    Librarian (Volunteer)
    B.A., Geneva College
    M.L.A., University of Pittsburgh
    Single-subject Credential, Secondary English, Geneva College

  • Ms. Jaymye Ross x 226

    Associate Director of Development
    B.A., Human Development, Cal State University San Marcos

  • Mr. Arturo Solis x 233

    7th Pre-Algebra I, 8th Pre-Algebra II, Coach
    Director of Admissions

    B.S., Psychology, University of California San Diego
    Single-subject Credential (candidate), Social Science, San Diego State University

  • Mr. William Sullivan x 230

    7th Religion, 8th US History, Coach
    Director of High School Placement, Coach

    B.A., History, University of Notre Dame
    M.A., Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico
    Single-subject Credential, Social Science, University of San Diego

  • Mr. Brendan Sullivan x 222

    B.A., English/Philosophy, Boston College
    M.Ed., Loyola College
    M.A., English, Middlebury College

  • Lisa Welch X 227

    Director of Philanthropy
    B.A., Journalism/Public Relations, University of Texas, Austin
    J.D., University of Miami

  • With a ten-hour school day and year-round schedule, our teachers make real sacrifices with their time.
  • Seven of ten of our full-time faculty have earned or are currently pursuing their masters degrees.
  • Each of our full-time teachers also holds an administrative position, and eight of ten serve as coaches for our sports teams.
  • Dr. Richard Kelly, Board Chair, presents the scholarship award in his name at commencement for the Class of 2010.